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Hazmat Decontamination Equipment
Rhino Enforcement Model
Decon wash

MITI leads the industry today through its unique and innovative patented line of highly portable First Response Decontamination products and support equipment. These systems and support products have proven to be the quickest to deploy, lightest and most durable of their kind in the industry today, as well as being the most economical and affordable. Ideally suited for rugged use and application.

Wash Down

Containment Pools

Secondary Protective Containment

Water Storage Tanks (Totally Enclosed)

Water Dispersion Manifolds

Water Pressure Reducer

Soap & Decontamination Fluid Injector

Waste Water Removal Pump

Complete First Response Decontamination Kits

Decontamination or Command Shelter

Parts, Accessories & Ancillary Equipment