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MITI's Tamper Resistant Pedestals are of a Truly
Ergonomic design, featuring die formed rounded corners with inset door on Battery Pack Pedestal Assembly.

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Miti-Vend MV-1 Series
The "Automated Iron Ranger"


Construction Features:
MITI's Tamper Resistant Case
is of a Truly Ergonomic design,
featuring die formed rounded corners and inset door.
\95 Double Wall Construction, 10 Gauge Die Formed Steel Provides Added Security, Tamper Resistance & insulation cavity
\95 Case Insulated with 1/2" R15 Thermo Insulation Provides superior environmental temperature control
\95 Inner (double wall) Panels Constructed of 1/8" & 3/16"Aluminum Protects Insulation, deters forcible entry by means of torch through & provides a means for mounting of internal components.
\95 Drainage Ports (Holes), 3/16" Diameter at bottom side of side walls Provides a means of venting moisture from case, designed for high security porting
\95 Roof, Pitched Construction of 10 Gauge Die Formed Steel with Rain Gutter Tamper proof construction, designed to shed water to sides and rear away from the unit's face
\95 Change Return, Permit/Receipt & Sticker Tray of 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Folded edges prevent injury to Patrons. Also provides high durability, will not rust, replaceable
\95 Keyless, Internally Hinged 10 Gauge Die Formed Steel Door Provides Superior Tamper Resistance, weather seal, keyless controlled access with key backup
\95 Mounting by means of four 3/4" Diameter Holes located at base of Case Provides a high security means of mating the case by means of 5/8" Hardened Bolts, to a pedestal or other base mounting.
\95 Cavity for Locking pullout Door / Lighted Sign / Cover Plate (Options) Located directly above the door of the terminal, below the roofs rain gutter, this cavity provides for, the installation of either a cover plate, to fill the cavity, a pullout high security door assembly for out of service or after hours lock up of the terminals face to reduce possible vandalism occurrences etc., or the installation of a lexan back lighted sign assembly with Fee Terminal text The cover plate being the standard shipped with the terminals.
\95 Hidden Hinges, 2 each. Constructed of Stainless Steel Innovative design by MITI, hides binge pin receptacle sleeves inside of case at door opening. Virtually impossible to locate or tamper with from the outside of the case. Combined with similar sleeves located on the door panel, positioned to align and mate with case sleeves, and the insertion of a brass hinge pin, the system provides a superior trouble free, high security, door attachment system. Enables quick removal and servicing of the door should it be necessary for servicing or replacement
\95 Case Dimensions, MV-I Overhang on Pedestals

24 5/8" Wide x 17 " Depth (Front to Rear)
x 36.5 " Height
(Bottom of unit to top)
Optional 23 3/8" x 13" Battery Pack Pedestal,
Case Overhang: 3" (Front), 1-1/4" (Sides), 1"
Standard 12" X 12" Box Tubing Pedestal,
Case Overhang: 4" (Front), 6-1/4" (Sides), 1"

\95 Battery Pack Pedestal, Optional
Constructed of 10 Gauge Die Formed Steel, 23 3/8" Wide x 13 " Depth (Front to Rear) x 30" Height (Bottom of unit to top) Surface and In-ground mounting assemblies available, also ADA, Walk- up and Drive-Up Versions. Access door, with similar construction to that of the case door, provides for easy servicing of batteries.
\95 Box Tubing Pedestals, Standard
Constructed of 12" x 12- x 1/4- Steel Tube, 12" Wide x 12 " Depth (Front to Rear) x30 " Height (Bottom of unit to top) Surface and In-ground mounting assemblies available, also ADA, Walk- up and Drive-Up Versions.

We eagerly look forward to, any one, or all of you calling on us for assistance at any time you desire!

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